Enfants Terribles is about playing more and worrying less.
If that sounds good to you, we proudly welcome you into our wild.

With this mini online magazine, we're endeavouring into entirely new (play)grounds. We wanted to create a common playground for creative outbursts and playful experiments. Enfants Terribles make and believe in make-believe, and we do so, to keep alive and kicking our inner, lighthearted child.

Seeing how this magazine business is something we've never tried before, we can't promise you, that we won't stray from our initial paths, as this thing grows it's wings and becomes whatever it's supposed to be. We will, however, promise you to have tons of fun in the process.

As none of us are very good at staying inside set boundaries, You might witness some serious learn-by-doing errors and probably even a lot of bending, stretching and breaking of rules as we go along. We mean absolutely no harm. We just want to be free to play and experiment.

You can expect anything from DIY's to recipes, interviews, editorials, fashion, illustration, inspiration, vintage, art, shopping, parenting, but always with a twist of the playful, uncanny and enchanting. Everything is possible and we have set no limits, because when starting something new, that is a good thing.

We call this our visual storybook and with it we aim to tell tales, that will mesmerize you, through stunning, visual editorials and inspiring everyday projects. Hopefully you will want much more, once you've seen what we can do.

May your day be playful and bright.

Søs & Céline

Céline Hallas

With an amazing eye for the beauty in everything Céline tells stories through her mesmerizing photography. Through her lens she has the enviable ability to make fairytales true and she generously shares her everyday on the Strawberry Life blog.
Furthermore this talented woman also knows about clothing design, as she used to have her very own whimsical brand of clothes, called Strawberryflavor.
Sometimes she can still be persuaded to make amazing stuff and we're definately counting on challenging these skills of hers more in future issues.
Céline likes coffee a lot and loves to hunt the sun. 

Søs Uldall-Ekman

Treasure-hunter by nature, Søs explores the world around her with curiosity and shrewdness.
With a weak spot for the beauty in the small things in life, she falls in love with the wonderfully ordinary and unperfect moments every single day.  She has the desirable ability to make the average everyday, seem like the greatest fairytales ever told.
She tells stories through her rainbow-lens, her phantasmagoric writings and her whimsical sense of style.
Søs likes to put on a show and she is addicted to rainbows and polkadots.