Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekending: Cargobikes and Soapboxracing

This weekend was all about sunshine and cool rides. I took the kids + 1 playdate on a trip around the old moats in Christiania, Copenhagen on Friday. It was the best start to the weekend with icecreams, dandelions and lots of sunshine.

On Saturday we drove up the coast to go to the cousins annual joint birthday party. Anton wanted to try out their new Pennyboard and fell and sprained his ancle really bad. Poor daddy! Worst thing about it though was that we had an important event the following day: The Volkswagen Annual Soap Box Race and he was supposed to be the fiery engine!

We had to ask granddad to come be our "Bob the Builder" and I had to step in as very slow replacement engine. Ella was the designated driver and this girl has the most incredible natural talent for racing and driving:-) Unfortunately my talents as engine didn't get us into the winning finals, but we did however, win the Cours d'Elegance for best style - YAY!

We celebrated our fab style with dinner at Papirøen in Copenhagen, at the Copehagen Streetkitchen place. I had the most amazing soft mexican tacos there, something I haven't been able to find here in Copenhagen before. We highly recommend a visit there. Lots of different food stands to choose from and sunshine and harbourlife for entertainment.

I hope you guys had a fab weekend too and went on exciting playful adventures.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Label Love: Reima

This weeks Label Love goes out to Reima. A company established in Finland in 1944, dedicated to dressing kids for outdoor play come rain, shine or even cherryblossom pink snow. We are big fans of Reimas dedication to making quality outdoor clothing that will withstand all kinds of childhood adventures, whether they be in warm sun, great big puddles or mountains of snow and even last long enough to be handed down for younger siblings, cousins or friends. 

Who wants to worry about getting soaked when happily dancing in the rain?  Reima has spent 70 years perfecting their designs and ensuring that the clothes they produce are of the highest quality and the real-world testing of Reima garments is carried out by the world’s most frank and ruthless test team: kids themselves.

Last week the cherryblossom tree next door shed all of it's pink fluffyness and I simply couldn't resist all this pink loveliness, so Ella and I dived into the pinkness and paid our gratitudes to this ephemeral beauty that makes us all swoon every year come Spring.

According to Ella the jacket she is wearing is the perfect Spring jacket, mainly because it is pink and she's 6, so anything in that colour AND with a heartprint is a guaranteed winner. Being waterproof, windproof and in a breathable design it is easy for a mother to be convinced to buy the Tamesa Jacket too.

Enjoy & Happy Midweek

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Label Love: Pierrot la Lune

Pierrot la Lune is a young Danish label, almost as young as Enfants Terribles Mag actually.
It's design is timeless and sophisticated, yet playful and informal. The colours are subdued and the classic stripes and beautiful floral prints bare resemblance of faded wallpapers or quilts from grandma’s attic - it simply provides a calm.
The main part of Pierrot la Lune collection is produced in organic, GOTS-certified cotton - which we love, respect very much and hope for more like that in the future.

the woman behind these stylish design are the very, very sweet Emilie Ventujol  and Kirsten Rickert have just done a beautiful interview with her over at her blog, definitely worth reading - find it here!

Find more informations on Pierrot la Lune here!

We hope you will enjoy!
Photo: Céline Hallas - Jumpsuit and Collar: Pierrot la Lune

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Weekending: Bike Wash Kids

Living in Copenhagen we all have bikes. Actually I have two bikes! A classic Christiania Cargo bike and a dutch style pink ride:-) Even Elvis, my son who is 2 years old, rides his little Puky learner bike to daycare every morning.

Copenhagen is quite a small Capital and really there is no better or faster way to get around town then on your bike. Being in Scandinavia we never know wether we're riding in heavy snow, cold rain or warm rays of sun, but you can be sure that most Copenhageners jump on their bike to go to work no matter the weather.

 Last weekend the kids spring cleaned their bikes out on our balcony and they had a blast doing it. So I thought I'd share this simple idea for a perfect weekend project with your kids.

All you need is a bucket full of water, kitchen cloths, maybe a dishwasher brush or a sponge of some sort and your good to go.

I promise the kids will love it!
Happy Weekending<3


Friday, May 9, 2014

Label Love: Iglo & Indi

Iglo & Indi is an Icelandic brand of childrens wear that caught our attention recently. Helga Ólafsóttir is the woman behind this playful label and we´re very much into the fun and easy feel of the SS14 collection. Vibrant colours and quirky details are on the menu and we like it! 

Helgas vision for Iglo & Indi is this: To create stylish and beautiful children’s clothes without compromising on comfort and practicality. And this she has been dping since 2008. Check www.igloandindi.com for more styles.

On a warm and sunny April day, the kids and I went on a trip around Copenhagen to appreciate and adore all the blossoming spring trees. We found this little sunny hill, almost a secret spot, hidden away between buldings and bikepaths and the light and the fragrance of the trees was simply divine. We stayed there for a little while running up and down the hills and making it snow with white petals in the last rays of sun. It was a very good day.

Ella is wearing the Linda Lace Iglo & Indi dress in a soft shade of pink roses. Socks are Bobo Choses and the ballerinas are our favorite Mina shoes. Elvis is wearing Name it jeans in my favorite colour of blue and Bang Bang Copenhagen T-shirt. Shoes are also by Mina. And both are wearing the famous and adorable Strawhat with ears from H&M.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Label Love: BangBang Copenhagen

Like Enfants Terribles Magazine, BANGBANG Copenhagen have a playful approach to life and work. Playing is serious business, they say and we have to agree.

BANGBANG Copenhagen is a danish label that since 2008 has mixed up high-fashion with origami folding technique and urban comfortable streetwear.

The designers behind the label is Louise Lundholm and Mia Risager and they consider the entire world a circus - which you have to love! 

We've shown you some of there styles before, here in issue #3 and here in issue #4 - but now it is time for some label love!

Learn and see more here!

We hope you will enjoy!
Photo: Céline Hallas - Eagle sweatshirt: BANGBANG  Copenhagen

Friday, May 2, 2014

We welcome you into our wild!

When we started Enfants Terribles Magazine, we wanted a place we could use as a creative playground - and we want others to come play with us.

That's why we are proud to once again present pictures sent to us from the model Olivia.

If you to want to play with us, you should always feel free to contact us!

Have a great weekend <3
Model: Olivia Szymanska - Photo: Gosia Szymańska