Friday, January 31, 2014


Here's a quick introduction to the whats, whys and hows of this festive tradition. We aim for you to feel inspired to play a long with us and create your own celebration of the wonderful new year, full of new oppurtunities.

Gung Hei Fat Choy

Is what you say to eachother when wishing Happy Chinese New Year. Loosely translated it means something in the likes of : Congratulations/Good luck/may fortune come your way.

The Lunar New Year is a time of feasting with the family, celebration, fireworks and gift-giving. It lasts for 15 days and begins on the first day of a new moon. In 2014, Chinese New Year is celebrated on January 31st. In the Chinese calendar, it is the year 4711, and we are entering the Year of the Horse.

Chinese New Year is also called the Spring Festival because it marks the end of the winter and the beginning of the spring in the Chinese calendar. Before Chinese New Year, families springclean their homes from top to bottom, washing the windows, cleaning out the bad luck and misfortune before the New Year starts.It is also custom to decorate the house with sprigs of tiny, pink blossoms symbolizes rebirth and reminds us that without blooms, there would be no fruit.

Ancient Chinese legends tell of the Nian, a man-eating beast from the mountains which came out every winter to feast on humans. To scare the Nian away, the people used loud noises such as firecrackers and fireworks, and bright colours, particularly red. These customs led to the first New Year celebrations.

Traditons surrounding the Lunar New Year celebration:

1. Decorate with the colour red to ward of Evil. Red represents power, happiness, vitality (and scares away monsters). The use of gold represents wealth and good fortune.

2. Spring blossoms, bamboo and fresh fruits are also used for decoration and offerings at the family altar, as they are a sign of good luck, fruitfullness and fertility. The pink blossoms symbolize rebirth and reminds us that without blooms, there would be no fruit.

3.The dragon is a symbol of strength, goodness, good luck and supernatural forces. The dragon dance has the purpose of scaring off bad and evil spirits. The same goes for firecrackers and sparklers.

4. Children receive good luck money in little red enveloppes. Sometimes also chocolate coins.

The celebration is also about spending time with your family, eating delicous foods and having a good time.  Everyone tries to be at their best behaviour, as it is said that the actions that take place on the first day of the new moon, are the ones that will determine the year to come. Many kids get a haircut and a new  set of clothes (red for luck).

Gung Hei Fat Choy


Happy Lunar New Year Give Away


As you know for this 2nd issue of Enfants Terribles Magazine we endeavoured into the visually, immensely inspiring, traditonal Chinese celebration of the lunar new year - also referred to as The Spring Festival or Chinese New Year. 

We gave loose to our inner child and set of in a marvellous hunt for colour and adventure around the city of Copenhagen. We we're looking for signs of East Asian culture in all the places we could think of. With the girls in hand, we visited restaurants, shops, museums and supermarkets to discover and learn. The result of our travel is for you to discover in this issue. We're telling the tale of childplay, treasurehunt and travel all within our own city and you can do it too. At least we hope that this issue made you want to!

We're celebrating the beginning of this new year with a wonderful giveaway!  The good people of Pierrot la Lune and Den Kinesiske Butik have sponsored a little partypack of a marvellous paperbutterfly and a beautiful girls dress size 6-8. 

You can win this little lot by reposting the pic above with your wishes for this bright and shiny new year on your own blog, your Instagram account or by sharing our page and giveaway on Facebook. Please leave a comment with a link to your blog entry below, or use the #enfantsterribleslunargiveaway with a @enfantsterribles if entering via IG. The winner will be announced on the last day of the springfestival 14th of February, the day of the lantern festival and Valentines day. 

May good fortune come your way!

Céline & Søs

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Little China Girls

Here's a little sneakpeak into one of the editorials in our current issue. Be sure to check it out full screen if you get a chance, the pictures do so much more for you in full size and also it's easier to read what we've wanted to state with this issue.

From Issue #2 of Enfants Terribles Magazine 
Styling: Enfants Terribles
Photography: Céline Hallas
Models: Sienna and Ella
The girls are wearing: Skirt and shorts: Scotch R'Belle SS14 from Scotch & Soda Official Site / Shoes: Petit by Sofie Schnoor SS14/ Angulus KIDS  / Socks: H&M / Tops: Den Kinesiske Butik, Rosengården 13
København K
 — her: Long Feng

What it takes to make, enfants terribles magazine...

Perhaps you have wondered what it takes to make a magazine. 
This is the list:
All our non-existent spare time
Coffee, coffee, coffee
Cheese cake

Monday, January 20, 2014

We did it!

We did it! Issue #2 of the Enfants Terribles Magazine is up and ready for you to see.
We're so excited, hyped on coffee and totally ready to go conquer the world... tomorrow. Now it's cleaning up the messy house time - magazine making comes with a price;-) 
Please let us know what you think. And oh yes - it would make our day if you would please pin, share, like and help us reach as many people as possible this time<3 


Søs & Céline

enfants terribles - the Lunar New Year issue

Saturday, January 18, 2014

We need your help!

We're currently busting our butts off, getting the new issue of @enfantsterriblesmag ready for you and we're hoping for it to reach even more people this time. For that we need new followers and you can help! 

You know what would be awesome? If you would share our Facebook or IG profile, repost one of our pics or pin it on Pinterest, post on your blog or share our magazine which will be out this Monday. Please help us reach new people and invite them to join our ventures into making this visual fairytale magazine. 

That would, to put it mildly, rock our world, make our day and give us that last push up the hill of getting the magazine done. 

Thank you so much, in advance and have a great weekend!

Céline & Søs

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Stayed up a little too late working on the magazine last night, so we're not quite awake yet. We still have a lot of work ahead of us before the 2nd issue is ready.

So we're starting the day off right with strong coffee and this little tune to set the mood.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Countdown to Issue # 2

So here's the cover shot from our new magazine. Only one week till we release our second issue of the enfants terribles magazine. This time the theme is the celebration of the lunar new year. We aim to colourbomb your January and thus make spring come faster. We're soooo excited and very busy getting things ready. #whenworkisplay #sleepisoverestimated

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy 2014 - Behind the scenes of our Lucia shoot

Happy 2014! We hope you all spent a wonderful and heartwarming Christmas with your loved ones.

We're currently working hard and having the time of our lives, putting all efforts into getting the newest issue of Enfants Terribles Magazine ready for you. But while you wait - here's a look behind the scenes of our Lucia shoot.

We're so looking forward to showing you our new stuff - the issue will be out January 20th 2014.