Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekending: Cargobikes and Soapboxracing

This weekend was all about sunshine and cool rides. I took the kids + 1 playdate on a trip around the old moats in Christiania, Copenhagen on Friday. It was the best start to the weekend with icecreams, dandelions and lots of sunshine.

On Saturday we drove up the coast to go to the cousins annual joint birthday party. Anton wanted to try out their new Pennyboard and fell and sprained his ancle really bad. Poor daddy! Worst thing about it though was that we had an important event the following day: The Volkswagen Annual Soap Box Race and he was supposed to be the fiery engine!

We had to ask granddad to come be our "Bob the Builder" and I had to step in as very slow replacement engine. Ella was the designated driver and this girl has the most incredible natural talent for racing and driving:-) Unfortunately my talents as engine didn't get us into the winning finals, but we did however, win the Cours d'Elegance for best style - YAY!

We celebrated our fab style with dinner at Papir√łen in Copenhagen, at the Copehagen Streetkitchen place. I had the most amazing soft mexican tacos there, something I haven't been able to find here in Copenhagen before. We highly recommend a visit there. Lots of different food stands to choose from and sunshine and harbourlife for entertainment.

I hope you guys had a fab weekend too and went on exciting playful adventures.

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