Saturday, May 10, 2014

Weekending: Bike Wash Kids

Living in Copenhagen we all have bikes. Actually I have two bikes! A classic Christiania Cargo bike and a dutch style pink ride:-) Even Elvis, my son who is 2 years old, rides his little Puky learner bike to daycare every morning.

Copenhagen is quite a small Capital and really there is no better or faster way to get around town then on your bike. Being in Scandinavia we never know wether we're riding in heavy snow, cold rain or warm rays of sun, but you can be sure that most Copenhageners jump on their bike to go to work no matter the weather.

 Last weekend the kids spring cleaned their bikes out on our balcony and they had a blast doing it. So I thought I'd share this simple idea for a perfect weekend project with your kids.

All you need is a bucket full of water, kitchen cloths, maybe a dishwasher brush or a sponge of some sort and your good to go.

I promise the kids will love it!
Happy Weekending<3


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