Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Label Love: Reima

This weeks Label Love goes out to Reima. A company established in Finland in 1944, dedicated to dressing kids for outdoor play come rain, shine or even cherryblossom pink snow. We are big fans of Reimas dedication to making quality outdoor clothing that will withstand all kinds of childhood adventures, whether they be in warm sun, great big puddles or mountains of snow and even last long enough to be handed down for younger siblings, cousins or friends. 

Who wants to worry about getting soaked when happily dancing in the rain?  Reima has spent 70 years perfecting their designs and ensuring that the clothes they produce are of the highest quality and the real-world testing of Reima garments is carried out by the world’s most frank and ruthless test team: kids themselves.

Last week the cherryblossom tree next door shed all of it's pink fluffyness and I simply couldn't resist all this pink loveliness, so Ella and I dived into the pinkness and paid our gratitudes to this ephemeral beauty that makes us all swoon every year come Spring.

According to Ella the jacket she is wearing is the perfect Spring jacket, mainly because it is pink and she's 6, so anything in that colour AND with a heartprint is a guaranteed winner. Being waterproof, windproof and in a breathable design it is easy for a mother to be convinced to buy the Tamesa Jacket too.

Enjoy & Happy Midweek

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  1. Jeg er på den anden ende over disse billeder - de øjne - den pige <3 <3 <3